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The Parkside Promise

developing homes that exceed expectations...

At Parkside we are committed to developing homes that exceed our clients’ expectations and will impress even the most discerning of buyers.

We strive to live up to this aim with each individually crafted Parkside property. That’s why we have created the Parkside Promise.

The Parkside Promise is given to each and every one of our clients who purchases a Parkside property. This promise is given to you as a sign of our commitment to our craftsmanship and to give you peace of mind with regard to your new luxury home.

The Promise

Parkside promises that your new home has been created using quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality materials. However, should you experience any issues with your new property then we will stand by our work and rectify those issues for you.

This promise covers:

  • The repair of any defects identified within the property
  • The repair of any non operable or malfunctioning chattels in the property
  • The rectification of any interior or exterior workmanship or product issues

What this promise does not cover:

  • Any alterations to the property occasioned after possession
  • Any outdoor structures erected after possession
  • Any Garden, Fence or Driveway maintenance
  • Any damage caused by acts of god or negligence

Whilst we cannot cover you for fair wear and tear from living in and loving your new home or any damage caused by an outside third party, we will rectify any issues that become apparent to you within 5 years from the date you and your family take possession.

In order for us to carry out this promise, you must contact us as soon as any issues come to light with your property. Should you contact an outside third party not associated with Parkside and have them repair the problem then we cannot take any responsibility for the cost of such repair.

However, if a particular issue is covered under a supplier’s warranty that has been transferred to you for your benefit, then your first point of contact is direct with the specific supplier. Of course we will be more than happy to assist you with any significant issues to ensure a positive outcome.

From time to time suppliers can come and go from being in business. At Parkside we endeavour to choose the best suppliers and have built up some long standing relationships with our suppliers. However if a particular supplier has gone out of business or is unwilling to fix the issue then we will meet with you to discuss this issue and see whether we can locate an alternate supplier to rectify this matter.

Any additional cost incurred in sourcing and using a different supplier may be borne by us at our discretion taking into account the particular circumstances of the matter at hand.

This Parkside Promise is personal to you, our client, this promise is not transferable to any other party if you sell or transfer your property in the future. We trust you will appreciate the reasons behind this.

On a final note we would like to say thank you for your investment in a quality built luxury home by Parkside, we welcome you to the family and hope that many happy years lie ahead in your new home.

Yours faithfully

AJ O Neil

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